More Mountains

More Mountains is my independent creative studio, 1/3 illustrator, 1/3 UX+UI designer, 1/3 game designer, 100% awesome.


Tons of nice pictures neatly aligned in an amazing grid layout.

I tend to have lots of projects and lots of websites. Here are some of them.


If you ever found yourself looking for more information about me, that's the place.

BIO (French)

If you're really into more information about me, and have been looking for that kind of stuff in French, well it's your lucky day.

Portfolio (French)

Basically the same thing, but in French.


Rarely updated, but if you're looking for a quick look at some of my professional projects, there you go.


Because apparently I need to have one.


Updated randomly, but full of treasures.

Except for the Fire

One picture a day keeps the doctor away. Also Instagram didn't exist when I started that so THERE.

Best song ever of the day

Really good songs for people who love good songs.

Carnets Pornographiques

It's not porn, it's just drawings.

Uniform Motion

Uniform Motion is an illustrated indie-folk band combining music with visual arts I created with Andy Richards in 2008, joined by Olivier Piotte (drums, percussions, keys) in 2011. During our live performances, I do live-sketches using a video projector, while Andy builds up a soundscape with with his guitar, loopstation and voicebox resulting in a hypnotising audio-visual experience.